Saylani Welfare Trust Is Growing Under The Supervision Of Its Founder Mr Bashir Ahmed Farooqi Who Belongs To A Quite Religious And Spiritual Family Copy

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Saylani welfare trust is growing under the supervision of its founder Mr Bashir Ahmed Farooqi who belongs to a quite religious and spiritual family. The organization is serving the poor and the distressed people of our society since 5th May 1999. Most of the services of Saylani Welfare Trust are free of cost. The main objectives of the trust are to facilitate people for education, health, environment, physical infrastructure, social mobilization, and human resource development. The organization receives aid from different parts of the world. Each penny is spent after a strict inquiry and a utilization report is delivered to those who send this aid to them. In this report, addresses of the people to whom these donations have been given, is mentioned with details. 

Saylani Services: (Major)
Educational Help : Saylani Welfare Trust has established more than 100 educational institutes and primary schools to educate thousands of students free of charge. Providing the Poor with Two Meals a Day(SAYLANI KA DASTARKHAWAN) :  Saylani Welfare Trust arranges food twice a day on many places of Karachi for the low income people  Monthly Rationing: monthly ration is provided to needy people according to their need Employment Scheme: On complete merit basis provides job within saylani and in other linked firms Asan Rozgar Scheme: in very easy installments Provides auto rikshaw, Hand push carts, sewing machine and other stalls to people who don`t have jobs. Building and Repairing Mosques.

Arranging Marriages. Arranges minimum of Every month some 200 such girls are married by the help of Saylani Welfare Trust. Medical Camps.
Sadqa Bakra Service .
Mass Training and Job Creation Program (New): Saylani W T in corporation with Intel is starting a mass job training program with guarantee job placement. Only matriculates and O’level students are allowed to appear in the program .

There are many services which are not mentioned above because Saylani is providing those...
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