Say No To Teenage Drug Abuse

Topics: Adolescence, Drug abuse, Drug addiction Pages: 2 (483 words) Published: April 23, 2015
Say no to teenage drug abuse!
According to the survey that we have recently conducted, there is an increasing trend for youngsters to take drugs. In order to arouse public concern over this serious problem, we would like to explain the main causes of teenage drug abuse and the resulting problems. We would also like to suggest ways for tackling the problem.

Reasons for teenage drug abuse
To be frank, we believe that the Hong Kong government has done enough promotion to tell teens about the detrimental effects on drug abuse. However, many youngsters still try to take drugs, this can be explained by the following reasons. First, negligence of parents. In many families, both parents need to work from dawn to dusk. They do not have enough time to communicate with their children and so parents cannot understand their needs. As a result, children may feel being ignored and want to find a way to seek their parents’ attention. Some of them have found the wrong way which is to abuse drug and hope their parents can pay more wariness on them. Second, peer influence. As teenage drug abuse is becoming more and more common nowadays, some of the adolescents may think that they should jump on the bandwagon to follow their companions. It seems that if they avoid taking drugs, they will be classified as out-group. What is more, taking drugs seems to be a symbol of bravery. Many of the teens have low self-esteem, they would like to abuse drugs so as to prove that they are not cowards. Last but not least, excessive stress. It isn’t hard to find teenagers with high pressure on their studies. Most of the Hong Kong students have packed schedules, with many extra-curricular activities. Some can find their own ways to relieve their stress but some believe that only by abusing drugs can they relax and enjoy the life of being a teen.

Relating problems
Teenage drug abuse can cause many serious problems. The most observable one is that it hinders our whole person...
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