Savoury Ice Cream Pr Brief

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Opening statement
We are the Skyline consultancy and the Savoury Ice Cream campaign is designed and planned by:.......

Our client is Bill and Joey’s (“B&J”), a newly formed British company who are planning to produce a savoury ice cream product for the UK market.

Executive summary

The skyline consultancy has been asked to plan a campaign for the B&J Company which will be launching a range of savoury ice cream in the UK. We will carry out market analysis which identifies the target market, followed by the communications strategy and target market objectives. The budget allocated is £ 50,000 for a national PR campaign.

Skyline background

Skyline is a marketing consultancy and Public Relation (PR) Agency. Skyline was established in 2008. Since our launch, we have grown significantly and we are currently serving a variety of businesses. We use a range of specific PR tactics to fulfil our client requirements, in order to develop a plan in launching a new product/brand, starting a new company or improving a current business, to achieve growth and to increase profit. We are different because we are a team of people who love what we do. Each team member is qualified and experienced in their field. We take special care of our client as we work closely with them.


This report is a PR campaign which will address the background information of the UK savoury ice cream market, followed by a market evaluation through adopting PEST and SWOT analysis. The report will then outline objectives which adopt the SMART strategy, followed by a selected target audience. An outline of our strategy will be introduced, followed by the implementation of our tactics which will outline our tools of communication. The last part of our report will outline the cost and timescale of our activities followed by an evaluation.


Savoury Ice Cream Market
According to research, it shows that there is a big market for savoury ice cream. There is an increasing demand for indulgent treats in the £1.3bn ice cream market, with consumers increasingly enjoying premium ice cream-14m adults by ice cream as a treat, therefore huge potential for revamping the savoury concept. (Mintel, 2009).

Savoury ice cream is mostly served by top chefs, in Michelin-starred restaurants and in Harrods outlets at the Morelli. Savoury ice cream has been around since the 1800 but it has never been so fashionable. Celebrity chefs such as Heston Blumenthal have brought forward the savoury ice cream concept. People’s views are changing towards savoury ice cream; they are pleased to try new flavours. There are customers requesting combinations of new flavours at Morelli, which they want to try. Savoury ice cream is all about getting the right combinations. According to top chefs as long as you get the right taste and considering which ingredients work best together, people will love it.

Trends in healthy lifestyles and eating habits, 2005-09

Base: adults aged 15+
Taken from the TGI survey of around 25,000 adults

As shown in appendix1, this table analyses the increasing trend of eating healthy as the UK experiences rising obesity levels. Therefore consumers are more health conscious about their daily food intake. In relation to social factors, statistics for obesity shown in Appendix 2 is a growing problem in the UK, and statistics predict an increase in UK obesity rates in the foreseeable future.

The UK’s rising levels of obesity have contributed to the pressure for Ice cream manufacturers to make their products healthier, hence the savoury concept. In addition the UK’s heavy consumption of car owners has resulted in British people abandoning walking and therefore contributing to obesity. (Mintel, 2009)

PEST Analysis
Before starting a marketing process it is important to analyse its environment. In order for an organisation to understand its market growth or decline, it uses PEST analysis to analyse...

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