Saving Time

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Saving Time

Time management determines by the difference between successful and unsuccessful people. Successful people are able to balance the goals they wish to achieve and duties. And this success comes from their ability to their time optimally in light of their objectives. There are two types in our lives:

Type I: A difficult time organizing, or managing how much time we spend in our basic needs such as eating, comfort, family relations and social mission. It is a time cannot use it a lot in what has been designated a degree of importance to keeping equilibrium in our life. Type II: Time that can be organized and managed to devote to work, our own lives. Can we take advantage of this time? Can we optimize our productivity? Before I give some advices for time management. I have to describe some of the reasons wasting time. Time wasting is defined as: all that prevents you from effectively achieve your goals. - Planning: means the lack of goals and priorities, Overemphasis on priorities, leave the activity before the expiry of it, the lack of a deadline for the completion, trying to accomplish too much at one time. - Organization: Disorganization Profile, do the job more than once, repeated efforts without result, the lack of clarity of the authority and responsibility, there is more than one president for one employee. - Employment: Problems for staff, untrained staff and Non-appropriate, rehabilitation higher or lower than desired. - Implementation: The desire to complete the work alone, a decrease in the level of stimulus, Inability to manage conflict. - Control: The absence of regulatory standards, the absence of administrative efficiency. - Communications: Lack of communication clarity vertical and horizontal, no organization meetings, misunderstandings. - Decision-making: Postponement, Poor decisions.

Humans are not able to organize their time without clear goals, plans and priorities. Planning is forward looking, work...

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