Saving the Environment: Go Green

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“plant more trees and save our environment “.stop using plastic bags. industries must be shut for what they are doing……

have you ever heard such slogans anywhere?!!!!!!

these are not new to anyone of you and none of you might be wondering why such hue and cry are being raised in the present scenario………

yes environmental degradation is the culprit……..

it is interesting to note that even though these slogans are raised ,these are not having much impact in our is even more interesting to note that thodse who raise such hue and cry themselves never follows these can one hope to find a person whose speech and action are in harmony with each other in this age of KALIYUGA?!!!!!!

when it comes to money,everyone puts their slogans right away………. people cut trees bacause they get money out of its wood.people use plastic because it costs them less.they dump their wastes in rivers as it is an easy way to get rid of them without any wastage of money………. in short, everything is being wasted ,degraded and spent lavishly (without considering the rich people)except money.

so here ,moneylovers,are some ways to save your precious money without polluting the environment and indirectly helping in the conservation of resources…………

1.switch off the electric appliances when they are not in use. note;this ias the most frequently heard solution to all your problems…….having a headache?then switch off your lights before you get out of your room….did not do your science project switch off the fans and sweat and demonstrate the cooling mechanism of our body. fed up aren’t you?so for this problem i would suggest the #1 remedy.

2.try to reduse the use of plastic .instead you can use eco friendly items like paper paper and paper!but don’t you think that i am contradictin g myself ?first i ask you people to stop deforestation and now i ask you to use might be thinking that i am crazy…….no… what i mean by paper is used and recycled paper....
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