Saving the Environment and Generation Gap

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This is our earth, the only place we have to live on for now and in the future. World Environment day, established by the UNO in 1972, is celebrated on June 5. it has been established for all the countries of the world to create awareness among their people about how the environment, which is fast being degraded, can be saved.

The chief cause of degradation are the use of forestland for agriculture and the access emission of CO2 into the atmosphere. Both these issues have to be tackled on a war footing, because both these activities lead to decrease of O2 in the atmosphere. The day may very well come when there will be no more oxygen left for us to breathe in. the activities that we engage in are contributing hour by hour to such catastrophic end. The question we have to ask ourselves is how do we save the earth ?

Well, here are a few things that each of us can do in order to save the earth. First of all, we can do our best to increase our knowledge of the flora and fauna around the world. We should developed in our minds and hearts a sincere love for plants and animals. This will increase our respect for them, and prevent us from destroying them indiscriminately. We can also try to make others lo9ve and respect the plant and animal world.

Another thing that all of us must learn is to resort to as many activities as will conserve energy. For example, switching off electrical appliances when we don’t need them, making minimal use of appliances such as the microwave, the air conditioner and the geyser, using pressure coockers, covering food while it is being cooked in order to conserve gas and other such practices that encourage conservation of energy.

As far as possible, we must avoid waste, weather it be of water, or electricity or gas or even materials such as paper, pencils and so on. We should learn to recycle goods use in the home, instead of throwing them away and buying new things. It is also important to avoid completely the uses of plastics, as these are not biodegradable and ultimately affect not only the soil environment, but also the help of those animals who eat them. When plastics enters the intestine of an animal such as a dog or a buffalo, it knots it up, strangulates them and ultimately kills them. Yet we thoughtlessly throw away plastic bag containing food and peels into rubbish dumps, hardly aware of how fatal they can be to animals and to the environment.

Each of us, in a small way, can contribute towards the mammoth task of saving the environment. Unless we take the first step in right earnest there might be no hope for the future of mankind.or proper mental deployment it is essential that that we study the best literature. If we want to shed the feeling of false superiority and to broaden our minds, we must be ever-ready to take the best form other. Now, the literatures of other countries and own different languages can be easily obtained in a English In our own languages, modern upto-date literature is out available. This makes it essential that our young amen continue to learn English. Moreover, many a young men go to foreign countries for advanced studies. They need good knowledge of English. Its importance for such scholars is indeed very great.

Engli8sh must remain a remain a compulsory subject for quite a long time to come. It must also continue to be the medium of instruction, at least in science and technology, and in other subject also in higher classes. Every effort must be made to develop our own languages. But, till our own languages are fully developed we must continue top provide facilities in our schools and collages for its study. It would be a sad day, indeed when India discontinues the study of this important world-language, or lowers its standard. This truth is being recognized new, even by those who had indulges in anit-English agitation only a few years ago. ************************************************************************...
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