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Saving the Enviornment

By beaner908 Jan 23, 2013 340 Words
The majority of people don't care about the environment any more. That is the only possible reason I can think of to explain the rapid rates of species loss, which is second only to the wipe out of the dinosaurs, millions of years before our time. As technology increases, humans affect nature more. Maybe if we switched back to our ancient lifestyle, the earth would be saved. But that will never be the solution- it is not possible anymore. We have to find ways to make our modern lifestyle coexist with the environment. Our life and morals are ruled by money. We are more and more dependent on oil, and huge companies that are based on greed rule the capitalist world. America, once covered in forests, is now an endless chain of shopping strips. McDonalds are in every corner, blaring signs and streetlights blot out the stars, and smoggy pollution fills the air. Luckily, through the thick haze of filth we cover our Earth with, hope filters in. The same science that is causing the devastation of our world is also coming up with cures. Fuel-efficient cars come out every year, like hybrids. Species are studied and bred in zoos. Recycling has become part of our every day life. Despite the enormous efforts people are putting into preserving the environment, this still is not enough. There are just too many issues to fix, and at the heart of them is human overpopulation. According to scientists, our numbers will reach the carrying capacity around 2030. Anything could ensue, from mass starvation, overuse of all resources, to epidemics worse than the black plague. The time where families have twelve children is over. If the human population doesn't come under control soon, our future will be bleak. We cannot continue with our wasteful way of life. Saving the environment is not just about helping the cute and cuddly panda bear, it is about us. We are the ones who created these problems, and we must be the ones to fix them.

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