Saving Sourdi

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“Saving Sourdi”

Clare Barker

February 25, 2015

“Once, when my older sister, Sourdi, and I were working alone in our family’s restaurant, just the two of us and the elderly cook, some men got drunk and I stabbed one of them. I was eleven” (Chai, 2001). The opening statement to, “Saving Sourdi” written by May-lee Chai, set the tone for the narrative. Nea, the narrator, clearly expresses her strong feelings of love and protectiveness for her older sister, Sourdi. She also gives the impression that she is young, immature, and confused about the world around her. There is also a bit of foreshadowing in the beginning of the story. It starts off in a predicament where Nea’s good intentions go completely wrong when she acts on impulse. While Nea and Sourdi were working at their family’s restaurant, several male customers become drunk and obnoxious. When one of the men begins making rude gestures and remarks to Sourdi, Nea takes it upon her to “save” her older sister. Nea decided in that moment that she needed to do something drastic in order to complete her rescue mission, so she took a pairing knife and stabbed the man in his arm with the intentions of killing him. All Nea cared about was her sister’s safety, she didn’t think of the consequences nor did she expect to be wrong for her heroic behavior. “’I was trying to protect you,’ I said through my tears. ‘I was trying to save you’” (Chai, 2001). Nea didn’t understand why she was being punished for trying to protect her sister, she believed that she did right. This shows how loyal Nea is to her older sister and how she can be possessive at times. “I was glad I’d stabbed that man. I was crying only because life was so unfair” (Chai, 2001). This whole situation pretty much explains how the rest of the story is going to play out by describing Nea’s feelings and perspective of life.

I believe that if we...

References: Chai, M. L. (2001).  “Saving Sourdi.” In M. Meyer (Ed.), Literature to Go (81-96). New York: Bedford St. Martin’s.
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