Saving Private Ryan

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“Saving Private Ryan”
Analyse the methods use to make the opening battle sequence of “Saving Private Ryan” both shocking and realistic and say how effective you find it as an introduction to the film “Saving Private Ryan” is a war film directed by the well-known Jewish director Steven Spielberg and was released on September 11th 1998. It was a joint production with Paramount and DreamWorks pictures. The film won in total 5 Academy Awards (Oscars) including best director in 1999. This is most likely due to Spielberg’s many conventions used in the opening twenty-five minutes.

Saving Private Ryan’ broke traditional conventions of the war film genre, mainly because Spielberg used a very wide range of techniques, to portray what he wanted the audience to witness. He uses de-saturated colour all the way throughout the film, which gives off a dull, and washed out impression of the film and made the red of the blood stand out against the dull background. Another technique used was in the use of a handheld camera which made it seem like you were facing all the dangers the soldiers were faced, and seeing all the horrific things they saw from their point of view. These two techniques helped Spielberg achieve “realism at all times” . meaning that he would not hold back on any blood and gore that he wished to include in his film. One such time in the opening twenty-five minutes was during “Captain Millers confusion” where a soldier has his arm missing and in all the confusion is searching for his missing arm on the floor and when he eventually find it he just walks off as if nothing has happened. This shows the gory side to war but at the same time the effects it had on the people involved and how confused a man must be to search on a beach for his arm when bullets are flying in from left, right and centre.

In the opening scene, before we see any actors we are shown a full screen shot of the America flag accompanied by the sound of bugle playing in the background. The...
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