Saving Private Ryan

Topics: United States Army, United States Army Rangers, Saving Private Ryan Pages: 3 (1009 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Part 1: Summary

Saving Private Ryan takes place at the in in 1944, during the second World War. It starts off with American soldiers arriving at Omaha, France by boat and engaging in an extremely bloody battle. One of the American commanders, Captain John H. Miller is then chosen to lead a new special mission: to find and return Private James Ryan back home because he is the last remaining son out of three who had been K.I.A.. Captain Miller assembled seven men to join him on the mission and set off for Neuville, where Private Ryan had been dropped off. After walking for miles and losing several men on the way, they make it to Ramelle, where they find Private Ryan. Suddenly, they spot a squadron of Germans heading towards them and begin engaging in another very bloody battle. Captain Miller then got shot and with his last breath tells Private Ryan to “earn it”.

Part 2: General Questions

A) Historical Accuracy

Although the actual story of Private Ryan is fictional, all the events that occur are based on real battle. Some examples are:

D-Day - This was the first scene of the movie, which took place on Omaha Beach, on the coast of Normandy, France. The Allies attacked first with an airborne assault and then docked their boats to the coast. This was considered the largest amphibious invasion in world history, with an estimated 20,000 casualties. United States Army Rangers - Captain Miller was a member of the 2nd (out of six) Ranger Battalion in the movie. This is a real part of division in the US Army as well as all the other divisions mentioned in the movie. This is an elite division for graduates from the US Army Ranger School and they played a major role in WWII, fighting in France, North Africa and Italy. Saving Remaining Brother - At the beginning of the movie, when General Marshall reads the letter from Abraham Lincoln to a Mrs. Bixby, this letter was real and was in fact written by him. After several cases of brothers who were stationed...
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