Saving My First Kiss

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Saving My First Kiss
Why I’m keeping confetti in my closet

“Saving my first kiss” is what I strongly cherish, value and believe in.

Even before having read the book, my lips are one of the things I keep untouched, purposely holding back the gift of my first kiss. This is so because, growing up, me, my cousins and my friends always talked and told stories about fairytales and how one kiss can change everything. Obviously, I grew up believing that there would be this someone special who would come along, sweep me off my feet and with just this one kiss we would know that we were both meant for each other. Now, definitely, having strong feelings for such a dream, I do believe that everything would be worth the wait.

This definitely set my standards high. I wanted someone who’s caring, intelligent, charming, good-looking, good in sports, crazy on the dance floor, sweet with his vocals, responsible, sweet, rich, tall, practically all the positive things one girl could ever look for, name it and it was on my list. Of course, with this list, who could ever find a guy that would fit such standards or should I say, requirements, right?

Before continuing, I would like to share how one of the main reasons why I believe in waiting for the right person so much is also because of my cousin, ate Mae. She introduced me to practically everything I know tackling social life. She was the one who brought me along to parties, bars, out-of-towns, out-of-the-country trips, escapades and a lot more. She opened up my eyes to see the reality of things and how modern days are. I was like her mentee and she was my mentor. With her, I felt so much open to the world and liberated. I had the time of my life with the experiences and encounters I had with her. And yet to think, despite all those experiences and vices, she still remained pure in mind, heart and body. She was branded as the “NBSB” or more known as “no-boyfriend-since-birth” and was also known among...
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