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saving money

By mekmek530 Feb 27, 2014 292 Words
Saving Money

saving money is huge problem for this world we are living in 2014. it very hard to save money when i on fixed income of each month and not working to making enough to get by each month. i learned what is really like to struggle to live on my owe without depended on parent or family for help. saving money it my weakness spot how to budget what it important or overspent on thing is not important and when i really broken i start to feel real guilty and i have to wait about another whole month to get pay again and play catch up however i know i need to change my bad spending habit and start come up with a goal how to save money and be more responsibly how i spend it. my goal is to save $3000.00 to buy used car to get around. so,i decide to cutback on shopping for shoe i don't need and put $150.00 each month up in a saving account and dont touch it up to 12 months. i know it won't be easy i know i have make change and live better for myself toward the future however it ever harder to family like single mother with children or elderly person to survive on income they have and can't get the things might be really important such as diaper, school uniform or medicine for health issue. my advice is that whatever bad habit you have that keeping from saving money and really tired of be broken ,ask friend or family for money knowing you can't pay it back. you need to sign up for finacial planner to balance your money yet help to monitor how you spend your money without feeling guilty.

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