Saving Money

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It's better to enjoy your money when you earn it or it is save your money for the future? Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion

Many people spend all of their money when they earn it wastefully, but other like to save their money for the future. In my opinion, It's good to enjoy a small amount of money when you earn it and save a larger amount of money for the future.

When people earn money, they should use a small amount of it to do what they want. They can spend money for entertainment, buy a small thing for themselves, go camping with their friends, have a party with their family..... But they must to pay attention not to spend too much.

In addition, doing what people want can help them relax absolutely, give them energy and inspiration to do their job better. Try giving yourself a gift when you earn money, I'm sure that it's very interesting!

Otherwise, if you don't enjoy your money when you earn it, you will live a dull life. Your only duty is go to work and earn money, so bored! It's good to budget money for necessities as clothing, rent and for the fun things as vacations, parties, relaxation....

Besides,people need save their money for several reasons. First, saving money 'll help them buy value things, which they have expected for a long time, for example a car, a new house, a jewelry.....

Moreover,with your earnings, if you are ill or lose your job,you will have money to manage your life.When you are old and your children still go to school,you can pay school fees for them. And you even lend your friends money when they are in trouble.People don't save money for the future ,they could have problems.So you had better send your money to the bank you believe in.

To conclude, people should spend their money wisely.They shouldn't neither waste too much money for unworthy things nor too miserly in spending money. The larger earnings should be saved for the future, but the small one should be enjoyed.

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