Saving Historical Buildings

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Buildings are such an important part of living the life that without buildings, people are completely helpless. They won't be able to live, they won't be able to work because there won't be any offices, and children won't be able to study correctly because without buildings there won't be any institutes, schools. Buildings are everything people need to study, work and live. Nowadays, the amount of people are increasing day by day and they are required spaces to live, work, study etc. So the government of several countries around the world decided to wipe out all the historical buildings that were created 50-100 years ago, and build new buildings because they think they have no other choice to let people live but to destroy them. There are very less opportunities to save the historical buildings. The way to save them is either to leave them as they are because that's how they are still in one piece for 50-100 years or redecorate them and use them for the duties they are going to apply when they will create a new one in the same spot as a historical building which they are going to destroy. I think it's the only and best way to save them and use them instead of destroying it and creating it a new one. Saving a historical building is a valuable thing to do because a historical building contains a lot of histories and values. And if the government redecorates these buildings and keep those in the original designs as much as possible then they will achieve two results by applying one action. First is the building will become strong, clean and second, the building will be put to use instead of abolishing it. All they have to do is to fix the broken parts of the building and trim the structure and keep the looks as much as original as possible. The benefits will be - the historical buildings will be saved. They will do the same duties as they would do in a new one because the building will be stronger than before. The Building will be rebuilt and the looks will still be...
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