Save a Life

Topics: Organ transplant, Organ donation, Donation Pages: 3 (851 words) Published: October 7, 2008
Save a Life

TOPIC: Organ Donating

ORGANIZATION: Problem/ Solution

SPECIFIC PURPOSE: I would like my audience to believe that acquiring information about organ donating will save lives and encourage people to donate.

I.Attention Getter: You have the ability to save lives by simply dying. What am I talking about? I am talking about organ donors. According to the official U.S. Government web site for organ and tissue donation, about 74 people receive organ transplants each day, but 18 people still die each day waiting for transplants that can’t take place because of the shortage of donated organs. So why aren’t you a donor? II.Relevance: How often do you hear about organ donating?

III.Credibility: My Grandpa needed a liver transplant but didn’t make it because he did not receive a transplant in time. IV.Propositional Statement: The need for organ donating is heavily increasing in the United Sates. Donating can save thousands of lives. and one specific organization. I propose excessive global advertising that will educate the masses about how easy organ donating is and how beneficial it is too.

I.The first part of the problem is that not enough people are educated about organ donating A: The lack of awareness about organ donating is very common. 1.On your drivers’ license, there is an indication of whether or not you are an organ donor. Therefore if an accident were to occur, the decision to donate the organs is already made. 2.Many people are skeptical of being a donor, because they believe that they might not be able to have an open casket funeral. However, according to Donate Life, a governmental organization, when we donate our organs, there is no external evidence that you are missing organs. B: Being a donor has many wonderful affects.

1. In the year 2000, there were 5,000 organ donators in the United States, but these donors gave a second chance at life to over 20,000 transplant recipients...

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