Save the Girl Child

Topics: Pregnancy, Childbirth, Fetus Pages: 3 (765 words) Published: May 19, 2013

SISTER……don’t you worry,
SISTER…….don’t you lose hope,
SISTER……don’t you give up the fight,
SISTER……don’t you lose faith,
Because; SISTER……we’ve got your back.

I am not a mother, but being in this world for seventeen years, one thing I have leant is that giving birth to another life is the most beautiful moment in any mother’s life. Reproduction, this really seems to be a common process which has been going on ever since organic matter came into existence. I don’t know about the world but in India every two seconds a child is born and maybe by the time I end this essay, hundreds of babies would’ve already been born. So what makes giving birth so special? I mean it’s just a simple process of human evolution! Well the answer to this can only be given by the mothers who have experienced that magical moment of giving birth to a child. In medical terms it’s called ‘delivery’, but the emotions that are involved in this simple term called delivery can’t be possible explained in words.

The joy of having a baby is just boundless, but unfortunately for some it’s a moment of disappointment. Yes sometimes getting pregnant comes as a surprise and teenage pregnancy is an issue that has to be dealt with and measures like abortion is totally justifiable in that case but the thing I don’t understand is that why are abortions being done just because the GENDER of the baby is not what the parents expected to be. Surveys proved that 98% of gender based abortions are done when the sex of the child is female. Now I cannot think of something more shameful than this, how on earth could anyone, especially any mother could kill a life which is within them just because it’s a girl? Don’t we have any kind of conscience? Why don’t we even rethink before doing such a heinous act? ………Are we the condemned?

Every child is a gift of God, and we...
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