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Topics: Ecosystem, Water, Biodiversity Pages: 4 (1005 words) Published: July 20, 2013
Lake Allatoona Ecosystem Structure, Function, and Change

Ezzell Grant

SCI/256 People, Science, and the Environment

July 6, 2013

Gregory Bordner

The major structural and functional dynamics (processes) of the Lake Allatoona ecosystem has gone through drastic changes over time. Georgia is one of the most authentically distinctly states in the country, composing through the heights and valleys of northern Georgia to a masses of acres of the rural areas in the southern areas; to the marshlands along the coastlines ( According to, researchers more than nine million people who dwells in Georgia, who often creates multiple contention for congenital resource administration. The Georgia Department of Natural Resources is responsible for preserving and controlling the state’s natural resources, including air, and water quality, water quantity, fish and wildlife, forest management, and the ecosystems throughout the state ( There was a time when, Lake Allatoona longleaf pine forests ruled a massive section of the southern area landscape. An estimate of 90 million acres was abode to this ecosystem in southeastern America prior to the establishment of colonies. Particularly as a result of human activity and changed forestry customarily; the recent decrease of naturist fire, longleaf pine forests has been reduced to less than three million acres today. Researchers have established that 187 rare plant species are associated with the longleaf pine ecosystem (27 federally listed as harmful or endangered). Most of these species flourish in the understory of longleaf pine forests because they have acclimated to a regularly-burned environment ( Without fire, many of these species would be choked out by faster developing non-fire-adapted species and over population over the last several decades. How humans may have affected biogeochemical cycles in the Lake Allatoona ecosystem, comprised by impacts to the nitrogen, phosphorus, or...

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