Save Money, Skip School

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Save Money, Skip School!

Everybody is trying to make cut backs these days. It seems that the majority of people are trying to get rid of unnecessary expenses in order to hold on to more of their hard earned money. The same is true with school districts around the country. In this case however, the cutbacks come in the form of a school day. Administrators around the country have been faced with dwindling budgets, and the loss of many extra-curricular activities. The answer for some has been the four day school week. The four day school week will save school districts money while also allowing more teachers to keep their jobs. Like everything that is new, this idea has critics as well.

This solution seems rather radical at first, cutting one whole day of school, in order to save a little money. At whose expense critics wonder. Concerns have been voiced that this shorter school week may seriously hurt students academically. Now students have one day less per week to learn the materials needed to succeed later in their lives. Some teachers like Bennie Newton, Central High Public Schools in Gore Oklahoma feel like he’s “…cheating the kids.” Some experts believe that the American youth need more time in the classroom. A San Francisco based network of charter schools called, Knowledge is Power, keeps its students in class sixty percent longer than the average public school. Jennifer Davis, president of the National Center on Time and Learning said, “All the evidence says the more hours our schools are open, the better off our kids are.”

In Webster County Kentucky they have a different view. They switched to the four day week five years ago. Because of major budget issues, they were faced with the decision to either close one of the seven schools in the district, or cut a day from the week. They opted on the four day week and results have been good. The district went from being ranked one hundred and eleventh in standardized testing to fifty third in about a...
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