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Topics: Recycling, Reuse, Waste Pages: 1 (260 words) Published: April 20, 2013

Litter, litter, everywhere and nary a piece gets recycled. Why? It seems pretty simple to put litter back into the recycling loop and that's just what the Nicodemus Wilderness Project does after a cleanup. The majority of the litter that we collect during our trail cleanups is recyclable. There are lots of glass bottles, paper products, plastics, and aluminum cans littering our wild lands and waters. Removing this litter from the shoreline, mountains, and other wilderness areas prevents wildlife injury and restores the natural beauty of our environment. Recycling this litter elevates the effort an extra step by ensuring this trash stays out of the landfill. At the Nicodemus Wilderness Project, we've even reused some of this litter to make jewelry and other items.

We are part of the problem but can become part of the solution. Humans generate a staggering amount of trash every day. Disposable products are some of the prime culprits and can be easily avoided in favor of products that require less or no packaging. The packaging of products is what ends up on the beaches, in the mountain streams, and underneath the aspen groves. These bottles, cans, wrappers etc. spoil the outdoor experience for people and often pose health and safety risks for wildlife. Its important to keep this litter out of our wilderness areas but equally important to reduce our dependence on these packages. Remember, its 1) Reduce, 2) Reuse, and 3) Recycle (in that order)! Help make the Earth a cleaner and more beautiful place by living by the three R's.
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