Savage Inequalities

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Savage Inequalities
How is it possible for one of the wealthiest countries in the world to have such poverty stricken areas with the living conditions of a third-world country? After reading the words of Savage Inequalities by Jonathan Kozol, I was given countless explanations on how deprivation of funds, opportunity and education affect a community in a negative light. The author ventured into the city of East St. Louis, examined the environment and gave readers a first-hand observation of the people who live there. As a reader, one will get an in depth illustration on how negligent politics affect the overall condition of a city that was initially one of the most economically sound cities in America. Many years ago, E. St. Louis was an industrialized city of great opportunity…now lays the abandoned structures that once gave the city financial stability. Kozol informed the audience of how E. St. Louis’ inhabitants have to succumb to the endless problems that come with living in one of the poorest cities in America, and how it affects their everyday lives. Although corrupt politics affect the economy and education systems of this city, adequate leadership would be of great justice to the rehabilitation of E. St. Louis.

For many years, the corrupt politics in E. St. Louis has heavily affected its physical appearance. From streets in need of major repair to a sewage system that is backed-up throughout the city, there seems to never be enough money to fix the infinite list of problems. After being $40 million in debt, former Governor James Thompson proposed an emergency state loan to keep city staff in the workplace. In order for the loan to go in affect, Governor Thompson requested that the current mayor resign from office. The lack of good leadership affects many of the critical responsibilities that need taken care of within the city. For some reason the funds that are designated to help maintain E. St. Louis, somehow fall into the pockets of city...
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