Topics: Culture, Western culture, Cultural anthropology Pages: 3 (917 words) Published: February 23, 2014
Salvage paradigm has become a important concept through out history, having the desire to rescue something that is authentic and to keep it alive and useful. Salvage paradigm is used mostly in the field of ethnography, it’s a branch of anthropology that deals with the scientific descriptions of specific human cultures. We today find salvage paradigm, through representations in textbooks, art, and even to museums. Have what we have been holding on to for thousands of years ,the background of our own mankind history been the truth or a conception build overtime, using salvage paradigm to help come up with a explanation. James Clifford and Virginia Dominguez discuss the intervention of using slavage paradigm to the extent to help explain western culture roots.

James Clifford starts off with explaning that socities were sequenced as the progression from savage to barabarian to civlizied but now jumped to the conclusion that human were redistributed as primitive or tribal groups. Through out his articles he uses examples that helped build up the western culture taxonomy. Along with traditions , history and authenticity that helps underlie the salvage paradigm. Clifford mentions that non-western ethnographic are the western’s actual past. But on the other hand western cultures is consently trying to civilize and intrude on cultures and have a hard time accepting unique aspects. For example James Clifford , states that the Speik River art was meant to be inspiring. The art was isolated to emphasize their importance, there was a chant with music in the background for a tribal ambiance , the pictures were presented in black and white nor near realistic to keep the tribal art context. The example presented was an example of a salvage paradigm , declaring that a certain culture or society calls for attention or presented because they need to be save. We focus on an aspect of a culture because the way they live are primitive, we associate them with our mankind...
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