Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is home of Islam and birthplace of the holy cities Mecca and Medinah. It is also one of the most richest country in the world, but also the most conservative and restrictive country (Middle East-Saudi Arabia).

Saudi Arabia takes up much of the Arabian Peninsula. It borders the Red Sea, Persian Gulf and a few other Middle East countries such as Iraq and Yemen. It is the largest country without a major river, but it does have alot of coastland. The country has very harsh deserts with hot days and cold nights (Middle East- Saudi Arabia). It also contains the largest continuous desert, which is the Rub Al-Khali or also called the Empty Quarter (Saudi Arabia).

The history of Saudi Arabia is by far great. Ever since the mid- 600’s a group called the Hashemite, who were thought of as descendants of Muhammad, ruled the western Arabia. The Hashemites joined forces with the British during World War One. When the Ottomans was defeated, the British gave the Arabians recognition of the country of the Hashemite Kingdom of the Hijaz. The eastern side of the Arabian Peninsula, Najd, was ruled by Abdul Aziz ibn Al-Saud. The Saudi family began to gain control of most of Arabia during the 1920’s. In 1926, the Saudis conquered the Hashemite Hijaz. Al-Saud renamed the entire territory the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in 1932. In World War Two, Saudi Arabia joined forces with the United States and Great Britain against the Axis forces. The country was one of the nations that formed the United Nations on October 24, 1945. As the throne was passed down to the son, the nation made a defense pact with Egypt. Great Britain and France cut all allegiance with the country after they joined Israel on an attack on Egypt in 1956. When Saudi Arabia stopped backing Egypt, the Egypt Air Force decided to bomb several Saudi towns but ultimately a war never happen. In 1967, Saud’s brother Prince Faisal became king. Then Syria, Egypt, and Jordan went into a...
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