Saudi Arabia

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There are many different different cultural and economic regions around the globe. These sets of regions all have their own distinctive characteristics, as well as a unique general composition. Among the many different regions, the Middle East holds a variety of cultures and lifestyles. Famous for its resources, the Middle East is not only an area of many cultures and lifestyles, but a land of great economic wealth. In the Middle East, lies Saudi Arabia, an extremely religious country. Saudi Arabia, with its capital Riyadh, dwells in the continent of Asia. Due to its religious based government, the major language spoken is Arabic, but the country also has many English speakers. The unusual characteristics give this place its special quality. Human interaction on the land of present-day Saudi Arabia dates back long ago. The vast deserts used to be lush green fields, which were converted by the melting of the European ice caps, causing the hot and dry climate. Back then in the times of the first civilizations, Saudi Arabia was one of the largest trading center in the world. People from the Nile River Valley and Mesopotamia thronged the markets to sell their agricultural products such as dates, almonds, spices, and also aromatics such as myrrh and frankincense.

The turning point of the country arrives at the introduction of Islam in year 610 A.D., brought by the prophet Muhammad. The first Saudi start was formed in the 18th century, which, by the end of the 18th century, ruled over almost all of the Arabian peninsula. The second state, set up in 1824, was set up after the Saudi king Turki bin Abdullah Al-Saud shifted his capital to Riyadh. The establishment of the Saudi Arabian Kingdom, the most remarkable historical event yet, was established by king Abdulaziz, who tried to promote infrastructure and modernization for a better nation.

Also, many historical people derived from the country of Saudi Arabia. Osama bin Laden, a former U.S. Assistant, crashed four planes into major United States landmarks, including the World Trade Center, and the Pentagon. Saudi Arabia, with a monarchy government, has a king named Abdallah Bin Azul Aziz Al-Saud, also a prince, Faisal Bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz, and a princess, Loulwah al Faisa.

The geography of Saudi Arabia influenced the historical events. Major landforms of this area include the Ar Rub' Al Khali Desert, An Nafud Desert, Azir and Hejaz Mountains, and Arabian Desert. The Ar Rub' Al Khali Desert is famous for it's sand dunes, being able to extend over 25 miles long! The An Nafud Desert is also famous for its sand dunes, which can reach 100 ft. high!

The Holy City of Mecca, a major landmark, is gathering place for Muslims worldwide to take a spiritual journey. Unfortunately, this amazing tourist site is off-limits to non-Muslims. Luckily, there are other places to visit such as the King's Fountain, Taif, and Al-Balad. The King's Fountain was at one point the highest fountain the world. Taif, a resort situated near Mecca, contains spectacular winding roads on the cliffs and pink palaces.

Saudi Arabia is an arid area, with not much bodies of water. Although there aren't many, the Red Sea and the Gulf of Bahrain are there for Saudi Arabia. Its major cities include the Holy City of Mecca, Jeddah, the capital Riyadh, and Abha. Compared to other countries and regions, Saudi Arabia has a very distinctive culture. In this country, there is no absolute dress code, but the best way to get around, is to dress conservatively in public. Most women wear abayas (black cloaks), and some also decide to cover their hair to avoid confrontation with the religious police, or Mutawwas, who patrol markets (suqs) and shopping centers. Also, men shouldn't wear shorts in public.

Most of Saudi Arabia's holidays are based on religion. Sunni Muslims observe the Prophet Muhammad's Birthday on the 12th day of the Islamic month Rabi al-awwal, while Shia Muslims celebrated it on the 17th day....
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