Saturn: an Image Makeover.

Topics: Automobile, General Motors, Saturn Corporation Pages: 2 (572 words) Published: June 16, 2012

1)Using the full spectrum of segmentation variables, describe how GM has segmented the automobile market.
World region: North America, Western Europe, Middle East, Pacific Rim, China, India, Mexico. Climate: Northern, Southern
Density: Urban, Suburban, exurban, rural
Age: 18 – 24 this segment adore second-hand cool or new efficient cars ; economic efficiency is important as they are not absolutely financially independent 25 – 34 this segment use more expensive cars, economic efficiency is not so important, comfort is much more important 35 – 49 this segment usually has family, so there is a need for big-size, family “real American car size” vehicles Gender: Male, female

Income: under 20.000$, 20000$-30000$, 30000$-50000$, 50000$-100000$, 100000-250000$, 250000$+ Psychographic
Social Class: lower lowers, upper lowers, middle, upper middles, lower uppers, upper uppers 2)What segment(s) is Saturn now targeting? How is GM now positioning Saturn? How do these strategies differ from those employed with the original Saturn S-series? Saturn is making targeting more selective:

High end customers
Luxury loving people
Import buying customers from overseas
GM is creating brand image of new Saturn, not old. How? First, common way is positioning by serving quality products & services. We want remind that GM investigated into renovation 500mln$ and it helped to create new models; also Saturn is no more cheap car – it’s moderated tend to high-price. Its image is adapting to European – to Opel. Now there are two sublines of vehicles: •Red line – is more performance oriented, more expensive •Green line – is environmentally friendly has hybrid motor So, renovated Saturn is likely to be performance – oriented and it will differ from S-series: more luxury, more comfort, and higher price 3)Describe the role that social responsibility plays in Saturn’s targeting strategy. Firstly, GM is introducing innovative technologies, and...
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