Satirical Paper on Scientology

Topics: L. Ron Hubbard, Church of Scientology, David Miscavige Pages: 3 (916 words) Published: November 12, 2008
I'm guessing you have heard of the religion scientology before. Well, if you didn't know Scientology was created by L. Ron Hubbard a popular science fiction writer in 1950's. He wrote well over 200 novels and short stories in the genres of science fiction, western, science fiction, mystery, and science fiction. The Way to Happiness was one of his books selling over 35 million copies. Other critically acclaimed books were You Are fat and Ugly and Stupid and Nobody Loves You except Us Scientologists, Happiness is Just Around the Corner to the Left of the TV, Alien Invaders, Alien Invaders Strike back, Aliens vs. Zombies vs. Tanks, Aliens and Me the Home Refurnishing Guide. I have never been a big fan of scientology, but the current spokesmen, tom cruise, raw talent in the battle of War of the Worlds against the aliens has an appealing image in my mind when the aliens come hunting for my soul. Although, I never pulled the best grades in science, so they lost me at the first syllable. You do have to tip your hat (or give your soul) to L. Ron Hubbard for being so commutative and connected to the general public. He would regularly attended science fiction convections and sign autographs. Take a look at the pope for example; the pope is kept in secret while being protected by security guards from his followers. Apparently taking a page from Jesus, if anyone is ready to die for their religion, it would be Hubbard. After constant interactions at the science conventions and alien abductions involving ray guns and super-protonical-blaster-rifles (where I believe Cruise saved the day securing his spot as spokesmen) Hubbard must have resorted to anti-alien medications. Medications like Methorexate soul-blocker, Advil cold and anal probe, and of course the 1 dollar aluminum foil boxes from your local super market. On a side note, I have come to believe from my deep and conclusive research that large aluminum foil companies are sponsoring scientology ceremonies and slumber...
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