Satirical cartoon analysis

Topics: Refugee, Lottery, Australia, Gambling, Right of asylum / Pages: 3 (606 words) / Published: Mar 1st, 2014
Welcome, everyone to my session of the current affairs week conference.

Today I will be analyzing an Australian Political cartoon targeting a current issue- Tony Abbott and his Asylum seeker policy

I have chosen a relevant cartoon by Cathy Wilcox, published in the Sydney Morning Herald on the 22nd of December 2013. I’ll firstly outline the cartoon’s contextual information, after which I’ll explore the satirical elements used by Wilcox to persuade the readers of her perspective. Finishing with an evaluation of the cartoons effectiveness.

Firstly, to the context of this cartoon. The cartoon addresses the desperate and dangerous situation of asylum seekers arriving by boat to Australia. Wilcox tries to convey Abbott’s contradicting views against those seeking refuge in Australia. On one hand his asylum seeker policy aims to stop the refugee boats from entering Australia whilst at a Kirribilli House press conference, Abbott proudly proclaimed his ambitions of improving regulations for overseas adoptions. This sums up the PM’s contrasting views of helping overseas refugees and children, from his inhumane asylum seeker policy to his overstated adoption claims. Now I’ll move on to the two satirical elements used to represent Wilcox’s views.

Parody is the first satirical technique used by Wilcox, highly evident in the caption. The cartoon states that Tony Abbott “Would like to see more people winning the lottery of life by becoming Australian…”. The use of apostrophes in the statement implies that this is a direct quote from Abbott, which has specifically been taken out of his press conference. Furthermore the ellipses after the statement portray an ironic tone, suggesting the opposite connotation. The caption’s bright colour and placement immediately draws the reader’s eye to the statement. Abbott’s earlier quote on wanting more people to become Australian conveys his acceptance of overseas adoption. Wilcox using Abbott’s precise words creates the parody

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