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Fast Food Horation Satire

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Identify 3-5 reasons this topic needs more attention, more concern or greater priority Fast Food is an urgent problem that must be fixed before it gets totally out of control. That must be. More than 50,000,000 people eat fast food daily at over 160,000 fast food restaurants. Fast food can be prepared and served to the customer quickly.

. Instead of people buying healthy food at the supermarket, an overwhelmingly amount of people choose Fast Food Instead. People who regularly eat at fast food joints have or are likely to have obesity, diabetes, cancers and heart problems. In addition to being tragic that people get sick or die young, it also causes pain for taxpayers, who all need to pay for Federally subsidized Health Insurance.

It is no secret that factory-farmed animal products and genetically modified foods are the fast food industry’s best friends. For your body to function properly, it needs quality vitamins and nutrients. Fast Food contains low levels of fiber, vitamins or minerals, which means your digestion system is at a great risk. These foods are highly processed, piled with artificial sugar and fat. Even Worse sugar and saturated fats are added to treats and foods that already have natural sugar and fats.

People who regularly eat at Fast Food restaurants literally see their money fly out of their pocket. It is no surprise that many people justify their food habit’s based on its cost and what they can really afford. The Truth is the cost really adds up. Making a delicious home cooked meal makes more sense financially then feeding an entire family at a fast food restaurant.
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