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Kim Kardashian
On the Issues

For the first time since the brave Hilary Clinton, we have another woman running for president. Ladies and gentlemen, Kim Kardashian. Kardashian has plenty of prior accomplishments she has already made including things like her families reality TV show which has lasted eight seasons with three spinoff shows. Kardashian and her other two sisters also have their own chain of stores named “DASH” which have three locations, the first in Los Angeles, the second in Miami and the last they opened in New York City. Kardashian also recently got engaged to one of the richest rappers in the US, Kanye West. Their engagement took place on her birthday at Giants Stadium where Kardashian, of course, said yes. Their child North is now 4 months old.

Kardashian started her campaign later than most which made her nervous and she was doing anything she could to catch up. Kardashian has been traveling all week to different malls all over the country handing out pamphlets, free makeup and nail polish. The three main things she strives to fix with the US and Americans are childhood obesity, racism and having people improve their image when they are out in public. She worries that these are the three things that are tearing our country down. We got to talk to the only woman candidate Kim Kardashian, yesterday, as well as her mother Kris. Kardashian, 33, from Los Angeles, CA, has been a socialite all her life. “It was hard growing up in the spotlight but it has made me who I am and I wouldn’t have had it any other way,” she told us. She made it very clear that she was extremely thankful for her parents and that she would not have been able to come anywhere near this goal of hers without their support and money. “Ever since I was a child I had always wanted to be president. My friends always told me I was bossy enough to run the country, since I was usually running the class anyway,” Kardashian says while laughing. “Kim was always an outgoing child,...
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