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Work Title: Family Guy, Season 4 Episode 25: You May Now Kiss The… Uh… Guy Who Receives. Author/Creator: Seth MacFarlane
Publication Date: April 30, 2006
Historical Context: Seth MacFarlane created this episode to promote the gay community and to show that the government will do anything to hide public mistakes, for example like the statue in the episode; Adam West banned same sex marriage. Plot Summary: Mayor Adam West builds a gold statue of the Honey Smacks mascot, Dig ‘Em. He bans same sex marriage in order to cover up his mistake in putting the city in debt form building this statue. Also Lois is opposed to the marriage of same sex happening in her backyard. What is being mocked in this piece?

Human Institutions: Same sex marriage
Human Weaknesses: Same sex marriage. People in this believe that it is wrong and it is against their beliefs. Techniques Employed: When Stewie tells meg: “You hear that Meg? Guys can marry other guys now. So, umm. This is awkward, but... I mean, if they can do that... that's pretty much it for you, isn't it? I mean you might as well pack it in, game over.” Effect: This is sarcasm towards Meg beating around the bush saying that Meg is a guy and it is okay now for her(him) to get married to another man. Author’s Tone: Seth MacFarlane isn’t making fun of the LGBT society. He is saying that the government is hiding big issues by getting rid of the bigger ones. For example: same sex marriage. He is standing up for same sex marriage and is saying it is okay. Overall Effectiveness of the Satire: I think the satire is effective. It shows people the governments’ true beliefs on same sex marriage and the way they are taking care of other issues. The main techniques used in this episode is sarcasm; when Stewie tells Meg it is okay for guys to marry other guys and for her to get going on it is basically saying that Stewie and others believe she is a guy. The satire was effective enough to make me laugh but to also think about the way the...
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