satellite communication

Topics: Communications satellite, Satellite, Geosynchronous orbit Pages: 38 (17521 words) Published: October 28, 2014
TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION 3-7 HISTORY OF SATELLITES 8 -12 SCORE ECHO TELSTAR COMSAT INTELSAT THE SPACE ENVIRONMENT 13-18 Atmospheric Regions The Lower Atmosphere The Upper Atmosphere The Vacuum of Space The Temperature of Space Meteoroids and Micro-meteoroids Space Debris15 Electromagnetic and Corpuscular Radiation The Van Allen Radiation Belts BASIC SATELLITE OPERATION 19-21 DIFFERENT FREQUENCY BAND USED IN 22-24 -SATTELITE COMMUNICATION Ultra high frequency band (UHF). C-Band. X-Band. Ku-Band Ka-Band. SATELLITE SUB SYSTEMS 25-47 Communications subsystem. Antenna subsystem. Power subsystem. Structural subsystem. Thermal control subsystem. Tracking, telemetry and command (TTC) subsystem. Attitude and orbit control subsystem. Thrust subsystem. COMMINACATION SUB SYSTEM TRANSPONDERS Types of Transponders Regenerative Transponders Types of multi channel transponder systems FOR REGENERATIVE TRANSPONDERS Antenna Subsystem Power Subsystem Solar Energy Systems Chemical Energy Systems Nuclear Power Systems Selection of a Power System The Structural Subsystem The Thermal Control Subsystem (TCS) Tracking, Telemetry, and Command (TTC) Subsystem The Attitude and Orbit Control Subsystem Spin (Two-axis) Stabilization Three-axis...
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