Sat Math Test

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Test on Math
SAT (full)
Time: ….. minutes Full marks: _ _ Direction: answer all the questions. .5 mark will be deducted for each wrong answer.

1.When the price of gold went up, a jewler raised the prices on certain rings by 60%. On one ring, however, theprice was accidentally reduced by 60%. By what percent must the incorrect price be increased to reflect the proper new price? 2.Pencils that were selling at three for 25 cents are now on sale at five for 29 cents. How much money, in cents, would you save by buying 60 pencils at the sale price? 3. In a laboratory a solution was being heated. In 90 minutes the temperature rose from -8⁰ to 7⁰. What was the average hourly increase temperature? 4.A bag contains 25 slips of paper, on each of which a different integer from 1 to 25 is written. Blindfolded, Scott draws one of the slips of paper. He wins if the number on the slips is a multiple of 3 or 5. What is the probability that Scott wins? 5.Maria is 6 times as old as Tina. In 20 years, Maria will be only twice as old as Tina. How old is Maria now? 6.If a, b and c are positive numbers with a=b/c², what is the value of c when a=44 and b=275

7.In thr figure above, all of the line segments meet to form right angles. What is the perimeter of the figure? 8.A car going 40 miles per hour set out on an 80 miles trip at 9:00 a.m. Exactly 10 minutes later, a second car left from the same place and followed the same place and followed the same route. How fast, in miles per hour, was the second car going if it caught up with the first car at 10:30 a.m. ? 9.Five people shared a prize of $100. Each one received a whole number of dollars, and no two people received the same amount. If the largest share was $30 and the smallest share was $15, what is the most money that the person with the third largest share could have received? 10.There are...
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