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Customer Management

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Customer Management
Customer management involves an intens focus on understanding customer’s desires and requirements, and translating this understanding into specific operational capabilities processes. These efforts include the design of sales and order fulfillment processes. Hierarchy of Commitment to Customers

Customer Service
The foundation for customer management lies in providing excellent service to customers. Most operations managers agree that customer service is important., they sometimes find it extremely difficult to explain what it is. While common expressions of customer service include “easy to do business with” and “responsive to customers”, it is more meaningful to think of customer service as providing six basic “rights” to customers: the right amount of the right product at the right place at the right time in the right condition with the right information. Traditionally, it has been common to think of a company’s basic customer service program in terms of product availability, lead-time performance, and service realibility. 1. Product Availability

Product availability is the capacity to have inventory present when and where it is desired by customer. To make products consistently availbale managers have to make good decisions concerning safety stock levels and product availability service level policies. Product availability is usually measured in terms of stockouts and fill rates. Stockout refers to the situation when a firm has depleted inventory of an item that is supposed to be in stock. The most common way to report levels of product availability is in terms of fill rates. A fill rate measures te impact of stockouts over time or over multiple orders from customers. There are many ways that fill rates can be estimated; the most common measures being unit fill rate, line fill rate, and order fill rate. * Unit fill rate

The percentage of total quantity of units ordered by customers that actually delivered. Unit fill rate = Total units delivered/ Total units ordered
* Line fill rate
It measures service performance as the percentage order lines that are filled in total. Line fill rate = Number of order lines delivered complete/ Total order lines * Order fill rate
It measures the percentage of orders that are shipped complete with all items ordered by a customer. Order fill rate = Total complete orders delivered/ Total orders

2. Lead-Time Performance
Lead time used to describe the amount of time that passes between the beginning and ending of a set activities. Critical importance to customers is the order-to-delivery (OTD) lead time, which is the time that passes from the instant the customer placed an order until the instant that the customer receives the product. Many different time-consuming activities may constitute OTD lead time, including: 1. Product design lead time is the time interval needed to conceptualize, design, and test a new product. 2. Order lead time is the time required to place an order for a product plus the time to schedule the order so that operations can begin working on it. 3. Procurement lead time is the time associated with obtaining (through purchases) the inputs required for processing the order. 4. Production lead time begins at the moment the production or service system begins working on an order. It ends when the completed order is transferred to the distribution system for delivery. 5. Delivery lead time measures the time consumed by the distribution system, including warehousing and transportation. It ends moment that product reaches the customer. From the customer’s point of view, the elements of the lead time that comprise the OTD lead time depend on the market orientation of the product.In chapter Product/...
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