Sargam Bar

Topics: Marketing, Product differentiation, Village Pages: 4 (1172 words) Published: August 24, 2012
Sargam detergent bar
-By Anish Surve
To understand and analyze the marketing strategy of a domestic product sold in rural areas and also to understand rural markets. Demographics:
Padgha is a village in the state of Maharashtra, about 13kms from Kalyan station. It is located on the Mumbai Agra National Highway. Around Padgha there are around 50 small villages. The place where my marketing research activity was conducted was a village called Rahur. Rahur is a small village having a population of around 200. People of Rahur are known for their hospitality. The main occupation of people living here is agriculture. They mainly cultivate Rice. Most of the land near Rahur is owned by wealthy landlords. Throughout the year the people of Rahur work under the landlords on their farms. Their job is hand to mouth, that is their income is on basis of daily wages. After the sowing period in the rainy season, there are very less sources of income in the village. Therefore most of the people migrate to cities like Thane in search of work for two to three months. Company: Sargam is a product of Shivani detergents pvt ltd. Shivani detergents pvt ltd is a Indore based manufacturer, producing detergent powders and soaps. It depends on Bhartiya Bazar for distribution and marketing of their product.

Bhartiya Bazar is a network based marketing company which aim to run genuine network marketing business in India. Bhartiya Bazar has tied with more than 35 companies and has a product rangr of 188 items. The objective is to provide good products at a reasonable price. The products are generally for the price sensitive markets.

Sargam is generally sold in rural areas across India. The company...
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