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Topics: Death, Suicide, Family Pages: 2 (807 words) Published: December 3, 2014
In Elle S’appellait Sarah, the loyalty of certain characters affects the outcome of the story. The book shows the lies, the betrayal, the pain, the happiness, the coming together of a family that is caused by loyalty. Sarah, Edouard, Jules and Genvieve are three of the characters whose loyalty had a huge impact on their lives and their families. They kept secrets and unveiled secrets, this either had a positive or negative effect on them but at the end things came together or in Sarah’s case it caused death and grief. Sarah’s loyalty to her family played huge part in what caused her to commit suicide. Sarah had always been loyal to her family, whether that family was her biological family or Jules and Genvieve, who kept her safe all those years. The story started off with Sarah locking up her brother in the cupboard, but she did so because she thought that she would be back in a few days. Her loyalty to her brother caused him to die, and ever since then his death had a negative effect on her life. When Genvieve and Jules took Sarah in they had no knowledge that Michel was hidden in the cupboard for this long, Sarah had never mentioned it to them. After Sarah found Michel’s dead body she felt guilt inside of her that she was never able to let go. Though she moved on with her life she always felt the pain and blamed herself for the death of her brother. When Sarah got married to her husband Richard, she never shared her back story with him, she wanted a fresh start, but not sharing her guilt and pain caused her to commit suicide. Maybe if she had told her husband about her past she would’ve still been alive and gotten help. Sarah’s loyalty to her families played a negative effect on her life and personality.

Edouard was loyal to his father in the sense that he kept their secret hidden because his father wanted him to. Edouard and his father were the ones who were there when Sarah came back for Michele. They witnessed what had happened when Sarah opened the...
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