sara lee and retrenchment

Topics: Economics, Better, Recession Pages: 3 (685 words) Published: October 8, 2013
1.Sara Lee has failed to reach it’s goals in regards to revenue, do you believe that this was due to overreaching or poor management? 2.How would you explain this to our shareholdolders?

3.You stated in your first recommendation that it is important to diversify and that you should expand into new businesses. Do you think that it is a good idea to expand into new territories while some of you existing companies are not reaching their goals? Should you not focus improving and growing the businesses you already have?

4.Also in your first recommendation you mentioned that the businesses must be chosen carefully. How would you choose businesses that would align with Sara Lee?

5.Do you think that Sara Lee should undertake Vertical integration as well as diversification in order to increase profitability?

6.In your second recommendation you stated that it is advisable to exit the International Bakery division as for a new entrant an industry analysis would recommend not entering. As you are already in the market, and not a new entrant do you not think that loss may exceed the potential profit?

7.Would you recommend for Sara Lee to consider strategic alliances with other companies that would allow them to enter new markets, while minimizing their risk? If so, would you have any recommendations as to where they should enter

8.You stated in your attractiveness industry analysis that social, political and economic factors did not play a large role in all industries. However 2007-2008 was some of the worst years for Sara Lee, which can be attributed to the GFC. Do you consider this a social, political and/or economic factor?

9.You have discussed many aspects of Sara Lee’s financial position within the firm but how does this compare to the rest of the industry? (What kind of market share)

10.What new businesses would you recommend Sara Lee consider for its diversification and strategy?

11.What kind of marketing would you recommend for...
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