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Sapient is a business consulting and technology Services Company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, that was founded in 1991 to specialize in client/server application development. Sapient was one of a group of companies (along with firms such as Cambridge Technology Partners and i-Cube) that sought to differentiate themselves from traditional consultants by offering strong technical skills and application development to enable companies to get business value out of technology within fixed-fee/fixed-time contracts and by focusing solely on client's success to achieve long term goals and objectives. In the mid-1990's, Sapient recognized the potential of Internet and started to offer Internet solutions to its clients. Sapient was one of the few e-business integrators from the dot-com era that recognized offshore opportunities early on. It invested in global delivery capabilities in India starting in 2001.The Company has been through significant changes over the past five years, including significant shifts in its client base, offshore staff mix, and target contract size, but the focus on its purpose, core values, Internet enablement and related technologies is unchanged. Assignment Questions

1.What is Sapient's Strategy?
Sapient's strategy to succeed is to do whatever it takes to deliver the right business results for its clients, on time and on budget using its unique QUADD (Quality, Design, Delivery) engagement approach. Its "strategic context" that is its purpose, core values, vision, goals and client value proposition are the means to achieve. Sapient's purpose and core values (client-focused delivery, leadership, relationships, creativity, openness and people growth) focused on client's success. In order to achieve higher growth rates than the industry average it raised the bar in terms of being client-focused. Sapient devises business and IT strategies that improve its clients' competitive position and performance, as well as the value they realize from...
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