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SAP Development Life Cycle

The Typical SAP Module development has to be maintaining a sequential development formation. For any of the module development someone has to follow the following steps to make the module functional:


• Business Process Blue Printing: This function documents the business processes in the company that we want to implement in the system. In a Business Blueprint for Projects, the manager has to create a project structure in which relevant business scenarios, business processes and process steps are organized in a hierarchical structure. The Manager can also create project documentation and assign it to individual scenarios, processes or process steps. Then assign transactions to each process step, to specify how your business processes should run in the company’s SAP systems. The Business Blueprint is a detailed description of the company business processes and systems requirements.

The Business Blueprint provides a common strategy of how your business processes are to be mapped into one or more SAP systems. The Business Blueprint documents in detail the scope of business scenarios, business processes, process steps, and the requirements of an SAP solution implementation.

A Business Blueprint comprises the following structure elements in a hierarchy: ●      Organizational Units
●      Master data
●      Business scenarios
●      Business processes
●      Process steps

• GAP Analysis
A through gap analysis will identify the gaps between how the business operates its needs against what the package can/can't do.   For each gap there will be one of three outcomes which must be recorded and action has taken, 1. GAP must be closed and customized software can be developed 2. GAP must be closed but software cannot be written therefore a workaround is required 3. GAP does not need to be closed.

GAP must be closed and customized software can be developed close the gap, GAP must be closed...
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