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Topics: Human, Mammal, Problem solving Pages: 3 (952 words) Published: April 14, 2014
Similarities Between Humans and Animals
It has been thought in the past that humans and animals were smarter and more dominant and were different because of it. Scientist believed that human intelligence was far greater than that of an animal, but recent studies and test have shown that animals are smarter than we perceive them to be. Recently, it has been proven that certain animals are capable of showing different emotions and personalities that a human would; other animals are able to make logical decisions to solve complex problems. Koko is a gorilla that can communicate with humans, and has a personality of her own. Kanzi can learn new abilities and adaptable skills. Another example would be the giant octopus which are very intelligent and are capable of blending into any environment. Elephants are said to be very emotional creatures with a very good memory. Ravens are also intelligent in their own way. They have the ability to remember faces and recognize danger. All these animals are proof that animals are much more similar when it comes to communication, intelligence, acquiring new skills, and memory and survival tactics. It gives us reason to believe that humans and animals are more similar than once believed. Koko is a domesticated gorilla raised by Francine "Penny" Patterson. Koko was taught from a very young age to communicate with humans using sign language, like a normal human would. Koko knows around 1000 different signs, and knows about 2000 English words. It is very new for any species to be able to communicate through sign language, and it shows a great deal of intelligence and capability. Koko is also a very emotional gorilla. She has her own vibrant personality. She has a sense of humor, she lies, and she even gets embarrassed. Koko had a pet cat named “all ball” which she named herself. When Koko found out that all ball had been killed, she cried and didn’t move all night. She is also able to recognize herself in the mirror and know that...
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