Sap Bi Process Chains Monitoring

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Process Chain Monitoring - Approach and Correction
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The process chain monitoring is an important activity in Business Warehouse management mainly during support. So it is necessary to know different errors which occur during monitoring and take necessary actions to correct process chains in order to support smoothly.Some points to remember while monitoring: 1. In case of running local chain, right click and go to process monitor to check if there is any failure in any process step. It may happen that there might be failure in one of the parallel running process in the chain. 2. Right click and select “Display messages” option to know more about reason of the failure in any step of process chain. 3. Try to correct step which takes longer time to complete by comparing with other processes which are running in parallel. 4. Check the lock entries on Targets in SM12 transaction. This will give you an idea for all the locks for the target. 5. Perform RSRV check to analyze the error and correct it in relevant scenarios.Monitoring - Approach and Correction: Description | Approach/Analysis| Correction| Failure in  the Delete Index or Create Index step| Go to the target and check if any load is running| Trigger the chain ahead if indexes are already deleted in other process chain| Long running Delete Index or Create Index job| Compare the last run time of job. If it taking more time, check system logs in SM21 and server processes in SM51 | Inform BASIS team with system log and server processes details| | Check  the SM12 transaction entries for any locks on target from some other step| Stop the delete index or create index and repeat it once lock is released| Attribute change run failure| Check the error message| Check the...
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