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SAP was founded in 1972 and today they are recognized as the world's largest inter-enterprise software company. Their products cater to various sectors of industry and every dynamic market. Their diverse software products have placed them as the third largest independent software supplier and their continuing excellence makes them a premier software company. The superb technological advances they have achieved in software have allowed SAP to maintain a high regard of respect from other major corporations in their industry. By implementing user-friendly software programs they have crafted a service and development resource that has allowed these major corporations to create an efficient supply chain and increase customer relations in their respective fields of business.

To date SAP currently employs over 29,600 personnel in their facilities which span out over 50 countries. SAP can be found in Europe, the America's, and Asia. Their main headquarters is in Walldorf, Germany close to the building where the company was first started. Although, SAP has grown in mass proportion since their beginning, they never left their grassroots. The pride in their home country speaks volumes that they never left to create this premier software company.

Although the company has been around for thirty plus years the company still exhibits an enormous desire to maintain their presence for another three decades. SAP has taken advantage of their financial growth and since 1996 has started investing in companies that share the same desire for innovation in technology. The name of this department is appropriately called SAP Ventures. Composed of five investment professionals, they seek out to build businesses to create a shareholder value for everyone involved. The process of which company to choose is extremely selective, but the premise is the same in that they are seeking companies that are emerging in technology.

SAP has grown in mass proportions, since their beginnings, into a world-class international software company. Currently the company reigns as the top leader in inter-enterprise business solutions in the global market arena. Their state-of-the-art applications have set the standard as a software conglomerate.

The company began as a dream of five former employees of IBM. They recognized the need for a real time business processing software and after a year of collaborating their

first financial accounting software was finalized. This milestone was merely the seed needed to cultivate a flourishing enterprise that specializes in technological support for businesses.

The 1980's allowed the company to branch out and establish a strong foundation for their budding organization. The first corporate building was occupied in an industrial park in Walldorf, Germany. This allowed greater opportunities for the group by ensuring that all of their resources were strategically located under one roof. The end of the decade saw the company being nationally recognized by a renowned business journal and their apparent success was overflowing past the borders of Germany and reaching into the neighboring country of Austria.

Steam rolling into the 90's with their SAP R/3 application, this client-server concept enabled a businesses the ability to run on computers from different vendors. This was a break through in the enterprise software business. To date, this type of software is the standard. With the 25th anniversary of the company in 1997, SAP began to strengthen their focus on more industry specific solutions.

The new millennium donned the age of the internet and the need for personal software applications became nearly instantaneously infectious. The development of mySAP suite allowed the individual user to customize a set of applications that is relevant to their initiatives. It was becoming evident to the researchers and developers at SAP that the wave of the future for software applications would...

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