Santos Timber Company

Topics: Conflict, Skill, Leadership Pages: 2 (587 words) Published: October 5, 2011
Santos Timber Company was a small partnership. It was a logging firm which operated out of forest concession owned by Mr. Santos. The firm cut logs and hauled them twenty-three kilometers to the coast where they were sold to an assembler-exporter. The company had a toltal of twenty-nine employees---eighteen who worked the logging area, and a crew of seven truckers and helpers who operated the company’s five trucks. There were two mechanics, one bookkeeper, and one-log-pond guard. A foreman was in charge of the employees, including the truckers. Mr. Santos went to Manila to manage his fiancee’s business so his sister who was a mother-in-law of Mr. Vinces suggested that Mr. Vinces should take over and manage the Santos Timber Company. Someone named Mr. Felix Cruz applied a job as a trucker. As time goes by, Mr. Vinces observed that Mr. Cruz deserves to be promoted, unfortunately Mr. Santos know that Vinces hired Mr. Cruz nd he doesn’t like it. So for this reason, he wants that the latter should be dismissed in his job beacuse according to him Mr. Cruz is not deserving in his job. •POINT OF VIEW

In the case of Santos Timber Company, problems may be defined from the point of view of Mr. Alfredo Santos. •DEFINING THE PROBLEM
The root of the problem is in Mr. Santos’ attitude. In the Santos Timber Company case, the problem is how to correct the mind of Mr. Santos about the attitude of Mr. Cruz that he was not lazy all throughout his job as chauffer of Mr. Santos in the past three years. •OBJECTIVES

1.To decide whether Mr. Cruz will be retained or dismissed in his job. 2.To know the advantages and disadvantages if they dismissed Mr. Cruz because of the personal conflicts between Mr. Santos and Mr. Cruz. 3.To know what Mr. Vinces’ decision if he will approved the proposal of Mr. Santos. •AREAS OF CONSIDERATION

a)Mr. Alfredo Santosà is it really for the companys’ awareness that he will dismissed a good employee like Mr....
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