Santiago's awareness of surroundings

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Santiago’s Awareness of Surroundings
Dreams are not only about whether they have been achieved or not, but also the process to achieve them. Have you ever wondered how important the process is? For example, a student never paid attention to the teacher and never studied before the test. He was cheating during the test. If he was lucky, he would get good mark but he did not learn anything. That boy would have lots of trouble to reach his dream in the future if he did not change the bad habit of his. On the other hand, Santiago always learn something new from his surroundings and enjoy the process even if it was not as smooth as he thought it would be. In addition, he was not conscious of his circumstance at first. However, by analyzing Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist it will became clear, that Santiago become more aware of his surroundings as the book progressed through his experiences in the first, middle, and last part of the book.

At the beginning of the book, Santiago was unaware of his surroundings. First, Santiago did not realize that actually the treasure that he was looking for was at the abandoned church, which is the first place that he has visited. He just remembered that two years ago, he had a dream that he should travel to Spain and find a ruined church. There was an enormous sycamore tree, if he dug at the roots, he would find the treasure (Coelho, 163). Due to the fact, he had already found his treasure in the first place where he started his journey. Secondly, Santiago thought that the old king was a gypsy too. The old king wanted to help Santiago to accomplish his personal legend instead. Furthermore, the old woman had not charged Santiago anything, but the old king possibly was her husband. Probably the old man was a gypsy too (20). At first, Santiago thought that the old king was the gypsy woman’s husband. They were going to find a way to get more money in exchange for information that did not exist, but actually the old man was helping...
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