Sante Fe, Jamestown, and Quebec Settlements

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Brianna Mosby
Mr. Weigand
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25 September, 2012

Settlements of Quebec, Santa Fe, and Jamestown

Santa Fe
Santa Fe was originally founded in1598 by Juan de Onate. He led a mining expedition of about 500 people. He hoped to find rich mines and rich lands. Onate expected the people, Pueblos, to help with the labor to find resources in the region. The mining trip was a bust and Onate and most of his people decided to head home, yet the Franciscan missionaries stayed behind in an attempt to convert the Pueblos to Christianity.

1609-1610 is the date that archeologists say that Santa Fe was truly established by Don Pedro de Peralta. Before 1609, Santa Fe was inhabited on a very small scale. Spanish settlers lived amongst the indigenous population. The Pueblo’s population was reacing 100,000 people. They spoke nine basic languages and lived in about 70 multi-storied adobe towns.

Santa Fe was thought to be almost abandoned by 1610 along with St. Augustine. The expeditions cost the mainland to much money to only come up with no results. Also there were notmany settlers attracted to this region. Overall the trips returned to little economic and strategic benefit to the Spanish. The only people to stay once everyone left were the Franciscan missionaries.

After a few years the New Mexico region started producing a variety of goods to New Spain (Mexico). By 1680, the Pueblos drove the Spanish out of New Mexico for twelve years.. This was called the Pueblo revolt of 1680. Unfortunately for the natives the Spanish ended up coming back. Quebec

Quebec was founded in 1608 by French settlers looking for a beneficial fur trade. As soon as the French landed they struck up an alliance with the Algonkin, Montagnais, Huron tribes. These natives were the leading traders in the region. The French greatly benefited with this alliance, but it also brought a major problem. It brought a century of conflict with Huron’s enemies, the Iroquois confederacy from...
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