Santa Claus and Christmas Eve

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I lay awake in bed hoping to hear the sound of hooves on my roof. I desperately hoped that Santa had gotten my letter and was going to bring me every present I had asked for under my Christmas tree. I tossed and turned all night. Sleep was impossible. I kept waiting for the sun to come up so that I could go in and wake my parents. At the first peak of a sun ray I ran into my parent’s room to wake them up and beg them to please get up so we could go and see what Santa left for us. When my brother and I were given the green light we stormed down the stairs to see what gifts and goodies awaited us on this wonderful Christmas morning. The anticipation and excitement that leads up to Christmas Eve and Christmas morning is magical. Not all good things last forever. My whole opinion and outlook changed when one year I overheard a comment on the bus...Santa is NOT real. These four words completely devastated me! It took away that pure joy and excitement that may never be replaced for the rest of my life.

Many years have passed since I heard those four words but looking back the discovery that Santa wasn’t real was a foreshadowing of what was to come later in life. I have played basketball since I was six and I have spent countless days in the gym trying to get better. I have sacrificed so much time to the game of basketball in hopes that when I was where I am now I would be going to college to play basketball. Despite all this time and all the great experiences on the basketball court this dream has faded away. I can no longer grasp this dream much like I can no longer feel the excitement of Santa Clause visiting me on Christmas Eve. But this did not stop me from continuing to play basketball or giving up on the sport in general. I did not stop celebrating Christmas. I had to accept reality and continue on with life. I had to persevere and pursue other opportunities that I had in my life. I began to explore the various careers I could pursue. The...
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