Santa Claus

Topics: Santa Claus, Christmas, Saint Nicholas Pages: 4 (1460 words) Published: May 6, 2012
Santa Claus is Coming to Town

“There are three stages in a man’s life; When he believes in Santa Claus, When he doesn’t believe in Santa Claus, and when he is Santa Claus” – Author Unknown

How many people do you know who believed in Santa Claus as a child? Some say the image of Santa Claus takes away from the fact that Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Christ. Some opinions are “What is Christmas without Santa Claus?” The innocence in a belief of someone who gives and doesn’t expect anything in return can instill generosity and selflessness in a young child. There is a downside to such a magical belief that it can be a devastating event as a child to discover that a hero is nonexistent. A child’s belief in Santa Claus is special because that kind of compassion and belief can only be enjoyed with the innocence of a child. Children should know about the legendary Santa Claus because it makes long lasting memories, an American childhood tradition, and he was an actual person involved in the history of Christmas; a symbolism know around the world. In all actuality Good Ole Saint Nick was a real person whom indeed provided needy children with gifts at Christmas time. But St. Nick was a Fourth Century Bishop. He was part of the Roman Catholic Church and Orthodox. Saint Nick was known for kindness and generosity in Europe. The image of Santa Claus we are familiar with today began after the death of Saint Nick. He would, reportedly, come in spirit to needy children and leave gifts just as before he passed away. The story of Santa Claus began as early as the Sixteenth century. Reports say he wore a red bishop robe and hat with a black belt and boots, hence the world wide image of the red suit. Saint Nick was given his own feast day assigned by Pope Julian; December 6th. This day was just weeks before the birth of Christ is celebrated which lead to the two holidays becoming one celebration. The Tradition of Santa Claus is of Christian roots but he has become...
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