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Topics: Management, Time management, Planning Pages: 3 (967 words) Published: March 4, 2015
Effective Time Management
Tools for good Time Management:
Being prepared
Following up

Planning - Time Management Skills
Find out what is going on in your business, anything that could have an impact on resources or become a critical issue needs to be considered. Analyze the issues and be prepared for them. Estimate the work load required, who does what and how long it will take. Anything that can be done earlier in preparation should be done and therefore easing the pressures at the critical stages.

Prioritizing - Time Management Skills
assess your tasks for the day and work out a priority system. Critical tasks, important tasks, essential tasks, and other tasks. From your list, give each task a priority and within each priority an order of importance. Once you have done this, you can begin tackle each to task in order of importance. So even if your day ends up being chaotic, at least your critical tasks would have been done. 

Being Prepared - Time Management
being prepared will ensure you don't waste any valuable time. There are many ways of being prepared from being informed to ensuring you have everything ready. Knowing what is coming up in the future and by anticipating what might be required of you will ensure that you are prepared adequately.

Delegating and Allocating Resources- Time Management
Learn to delegate effectively and you will be more efficient at everything you do. It is not a matter of getting everyone else to do your work; it is more a matter of using resources wisely. There is no point you attempting to do something and wasting 3 hours on it, when someone else could do it in 1/2 hour. 

Following up - Time Management
Following up on outstanding issues will ensure there is no last minute panic. By ensuring that things run on track and work is progressing steadily, you will ensure that deadlines are met comfortably. Leaving things to the last minute or finding out that something hasn't...
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