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Sanitation is the hygienic means of promoting health through prevention of human contact with the hazards of wastes as well as the treatment and proper disposal of sewage wastewater or more specifically to the food service world, the hygienic measures for ensuring food safety. Figuratively speaking, Sanitation has its hand in just about all aspects of the food service; for example, contamination can begin when you buy the food that you are going to prepare and serve. Food that is not bought from a reputable supplier can be infected with bacteria specifically vibrio vulnificus and Vibrio parahaemolyticus, and that would transfer down to the customer.

Some of the main causes of contamination include person to person contact, sneezing or vomiting onto food or food contact surfaces, and from touching dirty food-contact surfaces and equipment and then touching food. Person to person contact can be as simple as just shaking hands with someone who is sick or contaminated or touching commonly used public items such as door handles. Another common problem is the use of cutting boards; for example someone may use one board to cut up some type of protein and then immediately following use the same board to cut vegetables.

The most common prevention methods include, controlling time and temperature, preventing cross contamination, practicing personal hygiene, and purchasing from a reputable supplier. Controlling time and temperature can prevent many bacteria but most commonly Bacillus cereus and listeria. Preventing cross contamination is the best way to prevent Salmonella. Practicing personal hygiene can prevent Shigella and Staphylococcus.

There are many different ways to cook meats; one method that many professional chefs like to use is the moist-heat cooking method. There are several different ways within that method such as simmering, braising, stewing, and sous vide.

Simmering is generally used for cooking the tougher cuts of meat. This technique is...
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