Sandwich Blitz Unit 8 Ethics Essay

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Sandwich Blitz and Integrity
Kaplan University

The eight steps toward integrity is something that all corporations and businesses should strive to excel at. These eight steps include; doing what we say we will do, doing the right thing, taking responsibility, supporting our own weight, holistic thinking, respecting others, checking the mirror, defining the rules and values. As stated by Bateman and Snell (2012)"Unethical corporate behavior may be the responsibility of an unethical individual, but; it often also reveals a company culture that is ethically lax"(pg. 76). Sandwich Blitz as an organization that is trying to grow and expand should definitely work towards the goal of keeping integrity as a priority. In the example case, I think there are a few of the steps that could fit this Sandwich Blitz situation. The first step that applies is to do the Right Thing. This entails being cognizant of what is right and wrong and taking steps to follow those principles. Accepting the inspectors offer is essentially the same thing as accepting a bribe. By taking the bribe, they are not doing the right thing. Dalman needs to tell the inspector thanks but no thanks they want to do the right thing, pass the inspection proudly, and respectfully not just take the easy way out. The second step is to take responsibility. This entails owning up to your mistakes and doing what you need to do to correct it. Dalman has been made aware of how off the measurements are so now he needs to do what he can to get it up to standards for the reinsertion. This can be done by either purchasing or leasing more land, or by building a smaller enclosure for the dumpster. This will correct the mistake and it will be done legally. The third aspect is that of respecting others. By rejecting the inspectors offer, Dalman is showing that he respects the inspector as both a person and his position as a city official. The inspector might have dropped the

References: Bateman, T. & Snell, S. (2012). M: Management, 3rd edition. McGraw-Hill/Irwin. Sherman, S. (2003). Rethinking integrity. Leader to Leader, 2003(28), 39-45.

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