Sandoval Family

Topics: Family, Marriage Pages: 3 (1146 words) Published: July 6, 2012
Chicano written by Richard Vasquez is a novel that shows how the American culture affects the Mexican society as well as many other societies in our community. The Sandoval family migrates into California knowing that they have a chance to start their lives over and they want more than what Old Mexico had to offer. America is into consumption, and the Sandoval family was bombarded by it. They were aware of the fact when they arrived in America, but in Mexico they were not aware of the other cultures and traditions out there. The Sandoval family was content with what they had in Mexico. But upon arrival they realized that the more they step into the American culture, the more they want. One can see the detrimental effects of American culture on the Sandoval family throughout the generations. The two daughters of Hector and Lita, Hilda and Hortensia see that their choices are limited and decide to do what’s most beneficial for them even though it is morally wrong. They wanted to make more money with the least amount of responsibility. “ You either have to be a maid and screw the patron, or marry an orange picker and live in a shack in the barrio bajo ” (58). Both Hilda and Hortensia realize that being a prostitute may be wrong but they have the chance to get what they could not afford when they lived in Mexico. Hilda and Hortensia are not naïve and know that the world is cruel but the only way they can live is through prostitution. They believe that this is their only choice. Nefatli is the son of Hector and Lita, who chooses to live life by tradition. After seeing his two sisters resort to prostitution, he want to find a perfect girl he can settle down with and have many children. “ I believe a man should want a good, clean girl to marry, and he should be able to respect her” (55). He wants to go back to those morals and values not present in his sisters. Neftali wants to be a family man. He wants to be very content with his way of life and to work the old way. He...
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