Topics: Market, Market economy, Planned economy Pages: 4 (1735 words) Published: November 12, 2013
 What Role Do Markets Play In Society? Money can buy food, dresses, heels and gorgeous weddings. However, what can’t be bought by money? The answer to this question would be health, confidence, ability, love and a lot of other things we have for our own that can’t be valued by money. To me, money is a thing. It is something that we can change for the stuff we want with. In the society now, it’s like everything can be valued by money. People with money can even buy position, children and women. Without knowing it, the society seems like being drifted from a market economy to a market society. Nevertheless, is it non-dangerous for a market economy changing to a market society? I don’t believe so. I think it will be dangerous for the society to shift from a market economy to a market society. Let’s look at the definitions of the market economy and market society. From what Sandel thinks, a market economy is a valuable and effective tool to organize productive activity; however, a market society is a kind of life process where market values emit into everywhere of people struggling (Sandel, 2012, 10). In my opinion, it’s pretty dangerous to shift from a market economy to a market society. First of all, it’s corruption for the society to shift from a market economy to a market society. For instance, would it scare you when the society becomes a place where people can buy “everything” with just money. I mean, if that happens, the society would be so risky for children and women to live in. For now, people with money would like to children and women illegally. It’s hard to imagine what the society would be when buying children and women becomes legal because it’s a market society. Those who object people to create a market in children have two reasons: “One is that putting children up for sale would price less affluent parents out of the market, or leave them...
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